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Hello, welcome to BookMuni.com. BookMuni is a book promotion site. You will find book promoting tips and more... My name is Shalu, the moderator of this website. I created this website to list and promote books. The aim of the website is to list books here – my own and of others. If you have written a book and you want it listed then feel free to contact me. Are you an author? Do you want your book to be listed here? Do you want to be interviewed and want exposure for your books? Then you are at the right…

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Hinduism Made Easy

Hindu Religion, Philosophy and Concepts

If you ever wanted to learn about the concepts and fundamentals of Hinduism then this is the book for you. Even though the Hindu religion is the oldest religion in the world, there are many misconceptions that laypeople have about it. Some people don’t understand the mystical chants and mantra traditions where they keep repeating “Aum” over and over again. But you have to understand the religion to truly appreciate where these acts and traditions…

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